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Agroforestry in Australia
Trees on farms for shelter, conservation & profit

Website by Rowan Reid (Bach. Forest Science, Master of Forest Science, Private Tree Grower)

Heartwood the book - available now

Heartwood: The art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit

By Rowan Reid

Produced in partnership with Melbourne Books, Heartwood is my most ambitious publishing project to date: A 300-page, hard-cover book featuring 300 colour photographs and more than 75,000 words.

I describe the book as a mix of scientific research and practical experience based on 30 years of growing trees on our own farm and what I have learnt from hundreds of farmers and researchers around Australia and overseas.

Heartwood is also a very personal story, which I hope acknowledges the passion, optimism and commitment shown by all landholders who plant trees for a better future.

The chapters are loosely based around 15 of the tree species that we grow on our own farm for high quality timber. I use these as examples to talk about the wood quality, values, management and processing of more than 100 specialty timber species that I think Australian farmers could grow. Chapter titles includes tropical species like Australian Red Cedar, exotics like English Oak and Coast Redwood, native class 1 durable timbers (Red Ironbark) and our local indigenous trees such as Australian Blackwood. There are also chapters on the usual suspects like Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, River Sheoak, Black Walnut, Poplars and Mountain Ash.

Praise for Heartwood from readers:

I am half way through the third chapter and enjoying the read enormously. I think your mix of valuable and practical technical information and personal life stories and experiences makes the book a wonderful text.

I'm loving Heartwood - very inspiring and a beautiful example of book production. We have planted 1000s of trees over the years for shade, shelter and now firewood but never for timber, so this might be the boost I need.

Well done on a monument to trees, farms and timber.

I think the book is very good. I'm 2/3 of the way through and enjoying every chapter. It will be a reference book for the future.

I love the book. Such a nice experience to sit in front of the fire with it!

The book is excellent, thank you. Its great getting a personal and philosophical perspective on tree growing, revegetation and landscape repair and enhancement combined with your wealth of experience in the more technical aspects of tree growing and species selection and uses.

I do genuinely enjoy the read!

I am more than half way through - and very impressed with content thus far. It's clearly more of a personal story for you vs a technical manual which is great and makes the read that much more engaging. I feel like I know you already ;)

The book arrived only on Friday, and I LOVE it!

I am up to page 175 and learned a lot and enjoyed the life stories

Loving the book, its beautiful, accessible and embracing of my nascent desire to grow trees in the ways you're describing.

Well done on a book that is hard to put down.

There is a great mix of philosophy and family involvement which is the interesting stuff for me. There is also enough tech stuff to keep the pure Foresters happy.

Love its layout. Bit size chapters with hidden knowledge.

Inspirational and I am going to dedicate much of farm and crop production to include trees. For logs and future beauty or leave cut decision to my child.

I was so impressed

Your book is amazing. A perfect mix of enthusiasm and science. Your authenticity shines through while sharing your knowledge in a very accessible way. You should be proud of your efforts. A true accomplishment.

It is a fantastic book! - beautiful to look at and a really nice feel to it.

I love this beautifully written book about life, love, family... and trees of course.

Book is excellent. Haven't been able to put it down yet.

I read it in one sitting yesterday and absolutely loved it. Your book really helped me picture the journey I may take and brings my imagination to life when I look at photos on Domain etc.


To purchase signed copies please go to the Australian Agroforestry Foundation: CLICK HERE TO GO TO SHOP

If you don't like doing internet banks Contact me and I'll call you back and we can do a payment over the phone or by funds transfer.

If you do not want a signed copy or you do want a special dedication please provide details in the Comments section of your order

Note: you can save money on postage by purchasing multiple copies in one order.

I am also available to make presentations to groups. Contact Rowan


Sample pages - colour throughout.

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Bambra Agroforestry Farm tours: Autumn 2018

Dates for 2018: BOOK ONLINE

- Sunday 18th March 10.00-12.30
- Friday 6th April 10.00-12.30
- Saturday 21st April 10.00-12.30

We planted our first trees in 1987. My idea was to establish an outdoor education centre for agroforestry where landholders could explore the opportunities to integrate commercial trees into their farming landscape for conservation, aesthetics and profit.

I wanted to make the act of planting trees - and cutting them down for high quality timber - attractive to farmers.

We now have thousands of trees, of more than 50 species. We manage them for timber, bushfood, seed and other products while they also provide shelter, erosion control, fire protection and beautification

Since our first field day in 1988, more than 12,000 guests - farmers, small landholders, students, professionals and international guests - have toured the farm to learn about species selection, establishment, tree protection, pruning, thinning, harvesting and, more recently, sawmilling and timber drying.


For more check out my Facebook Page and YouTube Channel


What is Agroforestry?


For me, agroforestry is the integration of trees and shrubs into farming landscapes for conservation and profit. It's all about farmers using trees to improve the environmental, social and economic values of their land. I've been working with Australian farmers for more than 30 years. From the wheatbelt of Western Australia to the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland I don't think I've ever seen a farm that would not benefit from more tree cover or better forest management.



Welcome to my agroforestry website. After more than 20 years working as a lecturer in agroforestry and farm forestry at The University of Melbourne I'm now freelancing. I maintain my role as coordinator of the Australian Master TreeGrower Program and managing director of the Australian Agroforestry Foundation. I continue to teach my Agroforestry subject at Melbourne University (see link below).

This web site presents information, ideas, opinion and research that I think might be of interest to Australian farmers and those who work with them. You can download my own publications, read practical information on tree species and management, take a virtual tour of our own Bambra Agroforestry Farm and watch videos on harvesting, integrating trees into farming systems and shiitake production.

I'm happy to try and answer your email questions at no charge (go to Ask Rowan). I am also available for speaking engagements, field days, consultancies and can organise tours of my property and other leading agroforestry farms around Australia. For those in the many agencies working with farmers I can also organise and run workshops and courses that reflect your needs.

I hope you find the site useful.

Thanks for your interest, Rowan More about Rowan Reid



Related Programs

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We ran the first Australian Master TreeGrower course in 1996. Since then, more than 2500 landholder have completed one of the 107 courses run across the country. In 2012 we ran the first course in Africa (Uganda) and have since run MTG courses in Indonesia and East Timor. Yet, the MTG is more than just a short course for farmers.

After being hosted by the University of Melbourne for 13 years the MTG program is now run by a not-for-profit community group. See for more information



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The Australian Agroforestry Foundation is a not for profit company that delivers education and support for farmers and their communities. Rowan Reid is the voluntary Managing Director. Projects include the Australian Master TreeGrower course and the Peer GRoup Mentoring concept. We curtrently have funding from the federal government to deliver these projects around Australia. FOr more information please click on the logo and go to our web site.




Bambra Agroforestry Farm Tour Booklet



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My take on your portable milling options with a particular focus on milling plantation eucalypt logs