Small Scale Sawmilling
Chainsaw mills and portable bandsaws

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Logosol Timberjig

The Timberjig fits firmly onto the chainsaw using special extension nuts that replace the nuts that hold the bar. Before you can do the cut shown in the photo below you need to create an edge. Download the articleI wrote to get the full story. It works well across a range of species and is certainly the cheapest way to mill a log (as long as you have a decent saw).

/edit/images_hr/100_4217.jpg /edit/images_hr/milling_silky_oak_2005low.jpg

Rowan using the Timberjig on his Stihl 040 to mil Sheoak (left) and Silky Oak (right)

Download my story about how to use the Timberjig: MY FIRST SAWMILL

Below is the Big Mill System (photo below) which I use as mill very portable little sawmill. This overcomes the need to build a guide and allows a wider range of cutting patterns when using the timberjig. The photo shows me milling a very old dry Red Box log in the forest and my friend Danny whose clearly happy with the results. We were able to carry 4 slabs out of the dense forest on the 4WD. This is the next step up from using the Timberjig on its own and makes chainsaw milling much quicker and more accuracte.

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Norwood Lumbermate Pro Portable Bandmill from Canada


I can introduce you to the Australian agent and help you choose the right equipment