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Measuring trees and forests
Data about trees for shelter, conservation and profit

Practical techniques by Rowan Reid

As part of the Australian Master TreeGrower course we teach farmers some simple methods of measuring their trees and forests. Using the MTG Diameter tape farmers can measure tree diameter, height and forest basal area. For a full explanation of the methods download the measurement chapter of our Farmers Forest book (CLICK on book image) below.

/edit/images/farmers_forest_tn.jpg Measurement Chapter (free download)

/edit/images/tapes_tn.jpg MTG Diameter Tape (see For Sale page)

/edit/images/rr_measuring_tn.jpg Rowan measuring tree diameter at breast height (1.3m above the ground)

/edit/images/mackaymeasure_tn.jpg Measuring tree height with the MTG tape

/edit/images/man_measure_tree1_tn.jpg Measuring forest basal area with the MTG tape